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Welcome.  Emantra's Hosting and Business Support solutions are trusted by a growing nation-wide clientele of enterprise and government organisations.  Call 1300 728 953 anytime.
Cloud Computing

Cloud Computing heavily utilises server virtualisation and shared-instance technology to reduce computing cost and footprint without compromising security, data integrity or performance.


Emantra's Cloud Computing infrastructure and services are located and backed up entirely within Australia.  If you are attracted to the lower priced cloud products offered by the offshore "giants" but are concerned about data integrity and sovereignty, service latency, customisation, flexible reporting and strong local support, then Emantra can offer you a much more tailorable Australian-based answer.  


Emantra proudly presents the best of the cloud "on Australian terms".


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Dedicated Hosting

Dedicated Hosting solutions suit best where the needs for customization and redundancy are paramount.  


Emantra will design, build and host a service to meet your current and anticipated needs using the most modern physical or virtual technology at a fraction of the on-premise cost and implementation time.  Enhanced redundancy and resilience features can be added to achieve very high availability services - up to 99.99x% uptime can be guaranteed.


Our data centres have high level security certification by ASIO and all Emantra internet gateways are certified by the Australian Government Defence Signals Directorate (DSD) to PROTECTED level.


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Hybrid Solutions

If designed and implemented properly, Hybrid Solutions can deliver the advantages of both cloud and dedicated hosting.


Emantra presents a single-console solution which can integrate our services with on-premise systems and public cloud products such as GoogleApps, Microsoft Office365 or ServiceNow.  Fit a tiered solution to need based on your different worker requirements, saving money where you don't need extra features and delivering premium functionality where you do.  


Benefit from a common and simple administration console, provisioning engine and identity and access management system. Emantra delivers a truly innovative and world-class hybrid hosting solution.

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